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DODGING BULLETS - A Documentary Film on Historical Trauma—Dodging Bullets focuses on documenting historical trauma and learned helplessness among the Indigenous North American youth and the effort to facilitate behavior change in the areas of substance abuse, suicide and diabetes.

Diabetes In American Indian Children

It’s not ‘news’ that America is facing a chronic disease crisis. Featuring highly on that list is diabetes, now affecting 10% of the American population1, a figure which will inevitably rise.

What may be ‘news’ is the high level of diabetes among native American Indians who experience the highest incidences of the disease compared to any other social group (2.2 times higher than non-Hispanics).

It is the prevalence of type 2 diabetes among their children, however, which is a major concern. Read more >

Give Them Hope! Suicide and Native American Indian Children

Losing a child through suicide is one of the most devastating experiences any parent can face.

For many native American Indian parents, it is often a harsh reality. Between the ages of 15 to 24, the rate of suicides among native American youth is 3.5 times that of other American social groups and rising. Some areas are affected more badly than others. Suicide rates for native young males in Alaska are up to nine times that of the average young American male. Among young females, it is a staggering 19 times. One study carried out between 2001 and 2006 revealed the rate across all young native Americans to be 13 times that of the national average. Read more >

Drug Abuse & Native American Indian Youth

The native American Indian population of the US is only small in comparison with other ethnic groups. Regardless of its size, native American Indians struggle disproportionately with a range of health and social problems – including drug and substance abuse. Evidence of the effects of this abuse is particularly prevalent among native American Indian youth.

The commission met again in July 2013 to identify further actions in two key areas – healthy communities and childhood development. Read more >

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