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Movie Review: “Dodging Bullets” (2018) – Lolo Loves Films

A look at how historical trauma has influenced the present day lives of America’s indigenous people and how the exploitation the Native American individuals continues even today.

It’s hard to fully grasp how it must feel to be treated like an outcast, like an invader, on your own land, in your own country. Native Americans were here first, yet they have been and still are treated like they don’t belong. “Dodging Bullets” is a documentary directed by Kathy Broere and Bobby Trench. View Full Review >

Documentary Sheds Light on Historical Trauma Plaguing Native Communities

‘Dodging Bullets’ confronts the lasting legacy of America’s treatment of Native people.

It started as a documentary on diabetes. Bob Trench, a director at Fahrenheit Films, had traveled to Montana to investigate how a rural state population handled chronic diseases like diabetes. Read article.

Dodging Bullets Forest County Potawatomi Review

This article originally appeared in the Forest County Potawatomi – Traveling Times Archives September 15 2018 issue

Historical trauma. Have you ever heard of it? Do you think you may know what it means? For some people, they must think for a period of time before coming up with the meaning of this phrase. For others, the meaning comes easily because they are living with it right now. View review.

Mpls. St. Paul Int. Film Festival Awards Dodging Bullets “Best of Fest” and Best Minnesota Made Documentary Feature

Representative of the abundance of and diversity in local filmmaking, Minnesota Made returns with a slate of must-see new films from Minnesota-based and Minnesota-native filmmakers. For our home-grown juried competitions, awards are given for films that exemplify standout achievements in feature length narrative filmmaking. View Jury Statement.

“Historical night for a historically impactful film”

“We chose it because the Indian relocation program in the ’50s brought a lot of Native people to the Dallas metroplex area,” Trench said. “Bringing it here was more important because it tells a big story about educating people and letting them know what’s going on in Indian country today.”

Co-Directors Kathy Broere and Bob Trench appear on The Mike McIntee Show on AM 950

Hear the interview

“Dodging Bullets”: A Documentary on Native American Historical Trauma (Mpls/St. Paul Film Festival)

Dodging Bullets, a documentary film on Native American Historical Trauma, will get two special advance screenings at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Festival.

Minnesota Native News: Dodging Bullets Film

This week’s Minnesota Native News previews Dodging Bullets, a new film about historical trauma.

For its 37th year, film festival returns with 157 features and dozens of shorts

The movie argues that endemic problems are the result of historical trauma suffered by Native people.

5 buzz films playing at 2018 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

“Dodging Bullets”: A Documentary on Native American Historical Trauma (Mpls/St. Paul Film Festival)

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Thin Line to feature six world premieres

The committee picked up topical titles, such as Dodging Bullets, a documentary about the lingering effects of historical trauma on the Native American population in the U.S. (Denton Record Chronicle)