IFC’s Huichol Scholarship Fund Raiser

Puerto Vallarta IFC’s Huichol Scholarship Fund Raiser Screening of Dodging Bullets

The Dodging Bullets screening raised enough money to offer an additional one and a half scholarships to Huichol University students.

Comments from the film:

“This film is not entertainment, it is education, profound education and thus TIME is required to process the information presented. It is perfectly paced.”
“To live unconsciously is dangerous and harmful. On many levels; this film eradicates the ability to live unconsciously.”

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Many people attended the event, with many staying long after to discuss the film, the issues it raised, and the situation of the local Indigenous nation, the Huichol (or “Wixarika’, as they refer to themselves). The discussion period demonstrated the film had a serious and very positive impact on our audience of American and Canadian expats, assisting them to understand the phenomena of historical trauma and colonialism.

Larry Long was a superb ambassador for the film, working closely with me on every aspect of the fundraiser and then fielding questions at the event. We are very grateful for his initiative and committment to the film and the cause of strengthening Huichol capacity for self-determination.

The film showing raised almost 9000 pesos, enough to offer an additional one and a half scholarships to Huichol university students in the fall of 2019. That is significant, because Mexico has very low average educational levels (e.g., second to last among 30+ OECD countries), with Indigenous educational levels being much worse than those of the general population. Currently, only 10% of the Indigenous students who manage to enter university programs complete, with most dropping out for financial reasons. Because Indigenous leaders, including young educated ones, are regularly assassinated in Mexico, support for initiatives like the Huichol Scholarship Fund is a particularly strategic way to oppose the ongoing traumatisation of Mexico’s Indigenous peoples.

On behalf of the International Friendship Club, and the other partners in the Huichol Scholarship Fund, I thank you for your contribution to our efforts.