Dodging Bullets Educational Extras

Dr. Melissa Walls—What is Historical Trauma?—A Working Definition

Extra Interviews included with Educational version

Melissa Walls, PhD—What is Historical Trauma? A Working Definition
Anton Treuer, PhD—Why don’t these Indians just get over it
Rick McArthur—The Trauma an Indian Carries in Their Heart
Melvin Lee Houston, Santee Treaty Representative—The Mass Hanging of The 38
Mike Her Many Horses, Oglala Historian—A Brief History of Wounded Knee
Rachael Yehuda, PhD—Epigenetic Factors From Trauma
Don Coyhis—The Eagle that was Raised by Chickens
Waubanewquay Dorene Day—Morning Song—Live at The Dakota
Tall Paul—Protect Ya Spirit—Live at Big Top Chautauqua