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Thank you for your interest in Dodging Bullets—Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma

The film reflects first hand voices about the intergenerational effects of First Contact, the Residential School and Boarding School era, Treaty Rights, Social Justice and Loss and Resilience.

For an outline of the film, list the Dodging Bullets Overview page. For more information about licensing, visit our licensing information page.


You can purchase a Digital Site License (DSL) or Public Performance License. The differences are explained below.


Reviews of Dodging Bullets—Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma from educational users:

“Dodging Bullets was a powerful and compelling documentary that revealed the injustices against Indigenous peoples… brilliantly wove together a positive path to healing through ceremony and cultural identity.”

Rain L. Marshall, JD, (Ihanktonwan),
Lecturer, Humboldt State University


“Rarely has a film been able to fully capture the complexity of these contemporary social justice concerns through historical accounts and personal narratives.”

George S Leibowitz, PhD
Stony Brook University
School of Medicine and Social Welfare


“It allows the non-native audience to truly hear and see the pain without blatant finger pointing or going the other direction by making it more palatable for non-natives tastes”

Kimberly Whitewater Wakjexiwiga
Community Supportive Services Division Director
HCN Social Services


boarding schools and residential schools

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