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Native Americans have dodged bullets since the first contact with Europeans. This film brings a cross-generational sampling of Indigenous people, researchers, and politicians to reveal stunning reasons for their disproportionately high incidences of health and social issues. This collection of remarkable stories, names Historical Trauma as the unique and insidious part of the generic code that resilient Native American populations are still finding ways to dodge.

This film was made for the Wašicun eyes.

Rick McArthur A.I.M. Legal Rights Center, Lakota Nation

“From a social justice perspective, historical trauma is, absolutely, a very real thing. If you systematically tell the history of this nation and leave out this history of colonization, oppression, marginalization, genocide, ethnocide attack... that is socially unjust.”

Melissa Walls, PhD Associate Professor University of Minnesota

“There is no more hiding in the back room when we are confronted, we’re coming out”

Leonard Thompson White Earth Nation Discussing the current rise of power of the First Nation’s youth

Film Synopsis

America’s fickle love affair with Native Americans is limited to revisionist stories of passive Indian maidens like Pocahontas and Sacajawea or fierce doomed warriors like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Worse, the modern stereotype America has about Native Americans is limited to the oppressed drunkard or the fat casino cat, neither of which deserves understanding nor empathy. No matter what kind of image is evoked, you can’t win if you’re Native: A successful ‘Indian’ exploits the American way by not giving back his fair share and a downtrodden ‘Indian’ can’t pull himself up by his bootstraps no matter how much government assistance he’s given. Native Americans are blamed for not taking responsibility for the plight of their people and told that they don’t deserve help or money despite the fact that Native Americans have the highest poverty rates and the lowest access to health care of any race in the United States. Read Full Synopsis >

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Production Stills

We recommend using the “This Paint is Red, My Skin is Not” or “1855 Treaty Zone” photos because of their visual storytelling and relevance to the film’s subject matter. However, feel free to use any of the photos for media.

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Film Poster
Film Credits


Emmy May


Dirk Whitebreast

Melvin Lee Houston

Mike Her Many Horses

Leonard Thompson Jr.

Linda Eagle Speaker

Tall Paul

Joseph Marshall III

Cultural Experts

Melissa L. Walls, PhD

Dr. Anton Treuer

Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings

Lester Johnson III, Ed.D.

Richie Plass

Tara Houska

Don Coyhis

Rachel Yehuda, PhD

Vanessa Goodthunder

Rick McArthur

Clyde Bellecourt

Bill Means

Public Speakers

Rep. Betty McCollum

President Barack Obama

Rep. Keith Ellison

Jesse Ventura

Production Team

Director Browning Segment Kathy Broere

Director Duluth and Red Lake Segments Sarah Edstrom

Director Tall Paul Segment Jonathan Thunder

Director Lindy, NE, Treaty Rights and Wounded Knee, SD segments Bob Trench

Producer Tom Trench

Executive Producer Larry Long

Motion Graphics Jonathan Thunder

Logo Design Jonathan Thunder

Graphics Design Lucie Skjefte

Location Sound Del Helmer

Director of Photography Bob Trench

“A” and “B” Camera Matt Myers

Location Camera Graham Nolte

Location Camera Julie Verano

Dakota Translation Vanessa Goodthunder

Editor Bob Trench

Dialogue Editor Steve Aram

Production Assistant Anthony Maroney

Production Assistant J. Maki

Production Assistant Sylvia Walker

Still Photography Dick Bancroft

Still Photography Bob Trench

Still Photography Thomas Casey

Original Music Keith Secola

Full HD Broadcast Excerpts

There are three samples excerpts from the film Dodging Bullets available for download. 1080 Full HD, Zip Archives.

Melissa L. Walls, PhD discusses What is Historical Trauma?

Time 00:00:15:21

Rick McArthur discusses what happens when A Native get pulled over by a cop

Time 00:00:42:00

Leonard Thompson Jr. discusses what happens to Natives while exercising Treaty Rights (warning explicit)

Time 00:00:22:09

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Co-Directors Kathy Broere and Bob Trench appeared on The Mike McIntee Show on AM 950 the Progressive Voice of Minnesota.

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Co-Directors Sarah Edstrom and Bob Trench are interviewed for Minnesota Native News.

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