Help Finish the Film

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message.

The film documents Historical Trauma which is prominent in Native American communities. Historical Trauma is a term used by social workers and psychologists, it refers to the cumulative emotional and psychological wounding of a group of people caused by traumatic experiences. This trauma is epigenetically passed down from one generation to another and causes health care problems in today’s generation.


We are asking people to step up and help this spread the message by supporting the outreach of this film. There are two ways you can donate.

If you would like to make a tax free donation, please do so through our fiscal sponsor, Film North.


  • For non-Natives, the film dispels myths about Native peoples.
  • For Natives the film reaffirms who they are.
  • Law enforcement agencies, corporations and school districts have requested to screen the film. These are key influential groups.

Funds will be used for:

Color Correction, Sound Mixing/Editing, DCPs and DVDs, Aggregator fees, Legal and E/O Insurance, Closed Captioning, Public Relations, and Native Education. If you know anyone who will offer services on a pro-bono basis, please let me know.

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