Ho Chunk Nation Community Screening, Tomah, WI

Tomah, WI screening of Dodging Bullets – Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma

Comments from the film survey:

“I am so happy that someone is finally speaking out. Thank you. My 14 year old daughter this is exactly what she needs to see and hear. She’s learning she has a voice, she’s learning it is OK to use that voice.”

“The film sends a strong concept with very well details to get a better understanding along with personal connections”

“Thank you, when we came to the theater my girl had no clue what Historical trauma is. Now she does.”

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Yes, Taught me about things I never knew about

Yes, At first I didn’t know what historical trauma meant but know I feel like I know a lot about it.

Yes, I didn’t really know much about historical trauma but now I know what its all about and what happened.

Yes, I didn’t know much about any of these things because my school really kinda just takes about what the white people went through which kinda bugs me cause I am not able to learn more.

Yes, It makes me reflect on my own heritage, and how my ancestors may felt, reacted and what their views were

Yes, One can learn much from other’s stories

Yes, There is not a specific definition of the term but there are many events in history that are not using this term.

Yes, Because many have history of violence and suicide there pasts opening up especially violence and suicide… is good to have a out cause no one was out. What is historical trauma, it tradition.

Yes, When the Native man talked about why he sees and feels he is stopped by a policeman was enlightening. The topic of kids going to boarding schools then later in life not knowing how to be parents makes sense. The speakers talking about not knowing how to say “I love you” will stick with me for a long time.

Yes, because I did not know what is was before

Yes, Helps me to have new knowledge to educate others. Yes, I had no previous knowledge

Yes, I did not know what it was, now I do

Yes, I knew of historical trauma, but not the actual term

Yes, I have been to a lot of trainings

Yes, Never heard of it

Yes, Reminds me that it is OK to talk about Historical Trauma Yes, I didn’t know about it before