Kevin Allis, Forest County Potawatomi—the Native vote

Kevin Allis, Forest County Potawatomi, discusses the importance of the the Native vote in 2020


Thank you so it’s a big day for us it’s a big year for us 2020 is another one of those presidential elections that we really need to focus on and they really need to focus on us it’s always been important in 2016 2012 2008 all of our important let me just give you some numbers that really put this into perspective that each of these candidates need to think about as they move forward in this election cycle we made the only 5.2 million people in this country 1.7 percent of the population but Indian country is the fastest growing group of people in the United States since the year 2000 we’ve grown by 27% compared to 9% the rest of the country that means that 42% of Native Americans today are under the age of 25 years old that’s a big number that means it’s really important for our leaders in the future to understand not only with the American Indian and Alaska native have been in the past and what we’ve gone through and what we’ve been a part of but they need to understand what the American Indian and Alaskan native is today and when you look at some of our populations across the country and you look at swing States and you look at how we can make a difference this year let me share some other information with you the state of Michigan in 2016 the margin of victory was a little over 11,000 votes 0.24% there are a hundred and ten thousand registered Native Americans in the state of Michigan carries 16 electoral votes the state of Wisconsin the margin of error was what victory was 27,000 0.93% there are 79 almost 80 thousand registered voters in the state of Wisconsin that’s another 10 electoral votes the state of Arizona 84 thousand vote margin of victory 4.1 percent of the vote there are three hundred and twenty four thousand registered Native American voters in Arizona folks those a that’s over forty three electoral votes in 2020 we matter our issues matter and our votes matter so it’s important that when we listen to these candidates that come and speak to us today and have taken the time out of their busy schedules to really recognize important issues in Indian country we also have to look in the mirror and understand that it’s our responsibility no matter what the hurdles are to find a way to get to that voting box and cast your vote because we can change the election this year

it’s our time it’s our turn and we can revel in the spoils of victory or who wallow in defeat because of our own issues and problems but we’ve got to raise up and do it and we can so keep that in mind today make sure they understand that make sure you do whatever you can back home to get people to show up and we can make it happen